Ministry of gourmet

The Whisky Bar Sector 29, Gurgaon

Black and Gold - black and white branding was aesthetically suitable. It looked impressively fancy and stark. I was awed to watch bartenders so fiercely and ardently preparing drinks. There was a belt on the bar table which rotated whisky glasses around in order to serve. The appearance was like of a fine liquor exhibition, absolutely luxurious. 
I ordered the following items:- 

1. Fish Roll- 
This dish was an attempt to replicate sushi, but with a core of cooked fish. Similar to sushi, plenty of chopped up vegetables were added to the insides. However, I couldn't catch their taste due to the excess of raw onion, which was a spoiler. 

2. Makhni Fried Cheese Poppers 
These poppers were finger-licking. I'd describe this bite as an Indian and continental fusion. Indian curry flavour was significant in the makhni which I savoured on the outside of poppers. I also loved how the cheese smoothly melted inside my mouth just after that.  

3. Minced Chicken Crepe
This was a delicious meal. The perfectly thin outer layer was probably cooked of suji or rice powder. 
Texture wise, minced chicken was not chunky, it felt rather subtle and fine. 
Funny fact- I found a stone in it, but decided to ignore that since the meal was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 

4. Mutton Seekh Kabab 
The rich flavour of various herbs comprising this nosh add a wonderful taste to it. I liked how mutton dissolved effortlessly as I chewed it. This was such a tasty item that I couldn't resist re-ordering it. 

5. Crusty Bread with Paneer 
    Paneer was prepared in the form of paste; very skillfully done. Though I'm not a fan of vegetarian dishes, I liked this one. 
6. Chicken drumsticks
  These were spicy, saucy and yummy. Chicken was of good quality and well marinated. I was pleased by its softness. 

7. Veg pizza
It was a poor platter. The cheese tasted sour.

8. Great brands of whiskey like Black Label and Single ton were available. I also tried Chardonnay White wine, which had excellent quality. 

9. Cocktails 
Whiskey julep- The drink was in a brass mug which displayed cooling effect as the whiskey condensed. A mint leaf was presented on top with lime- it was super soothing. 

Whiskey sour- It had an adequate orange flavour with a captivating orange aroma as well. It was velvety to drink .