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Since eternity, women have been at the receiving end of timeworn traditions and assumptions. It’s just of late that women have been recognized as individuals capable of reason, therefore, they should be free to choose their role and explore their full potential in all spheres of life.

Barack Obama, during his tenure, had said, “So the simple truth is, when women succeed, America succeeds. And we should be choosing policies that benefit woman because that benefits all of us.”
Such a powerful statement coming from the then most powerful person on earth speaks volumes about the difference a woman makes to the world around her!
Every woman is the manifestation of the divine feminine essence. Each woman is made unique. Each comes with a different beauty, a different sense of style, identity, personality, dreams and a different way of carrying herself. Now is the time for her to enrich the world through her increased radiance, creativity and vibration. She is like the forest bird that doesn’t want to be caged!

This beautiful quote by Henrik Ibsen also reminds me of another poignant poem by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. There are two birds in the poem. One is a free bird of the forest and the other a tame one who lives in a cage. The poem is about the conversation between the two, where each beckons the other to come and join the other. The poem explores the feelings of a relationship where individuals have to step outside of their own zone and absorb the reality of another. Living in times which talks and believes in more equality and advances for women than at any other time previously, I feel that we have a great opportunity to see and experience deeply the true effect of a woman at her fullest and loveliest!
Divinity is manifested in nature, our first and ultimate connection where wild wisdom teachings await us anytime we want to explore ourselves and that’s why I chose this as a theme for this particular photo shoot.

I have always had a blast working around the office and getting things done, but I especially have a good time when we do a photoshoot. Behind all my photoshoots is the continual consciousness that the photographs means something and represents more than just who I am. I had such a fantastic time collaborating with Bangalore based photographers to create forest bird/liberal women look. Standing strong in the midst of the forest elements, challenged me to realign my perspective, find inner strength and appreciate the little things in life!

The Planning

For me, everything starts with the concept. It’s an important process that allows space for creativity. To energize the artist in me, I started rifling through old magazines and gandering through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. For this particular shoot, I was working to create ‘forest bird’ representing the liberal women look… Once the concept was locked in, I started working on the kind of framing we needed and the perfect location. To play on the theme, I went with a fit and flare red Wrap cami maxi dress from Shein. I love picking out outfits with strong colour palettes because it always makes everything look so much brighter. Plus, colour photographs extremely well.

The Logistics

I already had an idea of where I wanted photos to be taken. For this theme, I wanted the edgier vibe of a forest, something beautifully airy and dreamy. Since Bangalore is more like an urban jungle, filled with buildings, we thought it would be nice to choose Cubbon park and make it look more mystic and dense. We were lucky to have some fantastic parks close by, so we didn’t have to look far to find inspiration for our shoot.
During the ride to the park, I focused on the creative process and reviewed the frames we needed. It’s so helpful to make a short list because when you’re working with many photographers, it’s easy to forget.  Spending a couple of hours to get that picture perfect photo seems a little ridiculous (and isn’t a great use of your limited time and you’re losing on natural light too). And the worst thing that could happen is that you have to reshoot something because you missed a photo. Trust me, it can dramatically alter the outcomes of a photo shoot. Therefore, everything i.e. knowledge, skills, and talent is equally important to capture stunning photos.

The Execution

I always have an idea of what I want to do before I start, but sometimes, I end up just doing what works better in the spur of the moment.
Once we were at the location, it was showtime. Some people may feel uncomfortable posing for the camera in public, but it’s a fear one gets used to and will eventually get over. Primarily, photography depends on the person behind the camera. It was a dream to work with this photographer, seeing his unique perspectives and styles.

Post Production

I made sure that I am happy with the way my photos looked on the camera display because, “Lightroom isn’t a miracle worker, it’s just a help.” I decided to experiment and edit the raw images myself. I used adobe photoshop and adobe lightroom for the same. I follow a bit desaturated and flat tones ( that is my style). For this shoot, I tried editing same along with natural green blends for one edit and cool light blend for the other edited version.
Well, who doesn’t love a perfectly planned photo? However, I’ve never been good at faking real life. My Instagram feed may be somewhat curated but my Instagram stories are all real.

All text and opinions are my own.